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Could I be pregnant?

My husband and I has sex last night and this morning I woke up so naseuated! I'm still nursing my 14 month old son once a day and I've had my period back regularly since 8 months PP! My period ended Dec 7... I highly doubt it's pregnancy, but why would I be feeling so sick? With my first I was sick ...
Posted by Anonymous - 2 days ago

Swollen Ankles

I'm only 18 weeks pregnant with #2 and noticed last night that my feet and ankles are slightly swollen. This morning they were normal, but now they look like they did earlier. I've been trying to drink more water, but am concerned. I do workout at least 4 days a week, and drink mainly water, some...
Posted by Anonymous - 2 days ago

Varicose veins

I am 18 weeks pregnant and noticed a large vein on the front my quad this morning. I eat very healthy and still exercise at least 4 days/week. It doesn't seem quite raised yet like a full varicose, but when I stretched, it did bulge more. Anything that I can do for this? TIA....
Posted by Anonymous - 5 days ago

Cough Medicine

Does anyone know of any more natural cough medicines I can give my 1.5 year old? She has a cold but the coughing is keeping her (and us) up all night. Looking for something I can get quick from a CVS, Walgreens or Target if there is even anything I can give her. Thank you!...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago

Unplanned C-Section to VBAC

Hi all-looking for some books or any type of literature for VBAC's. I had an unplanned C-Section with my first after an un-medicated 20 hour labor and 4 hours of pushing. I had a midwife AND doula. Baby's shoulder was stuck on my pelvis (bruises to prove it when she was born) Really nervous abou...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago

Natural Remedies for Eczema

My 19 month old dd has a patch of Eczema on her back which was looked at by her ped. Since she has never had it before she thinks it's the current weather we are having and dryness (we live in the Midwest). Any natural remedies for this? I've been using organic coconut oil but it doesn't seem to ...
Posted by Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

Marreck: Boy Name

My husband and I really like this name for a boy. How would you pronounce it phonetically if you saw it? We are debating what people would say, but know what we think! <img alt="" class="bb-smiley" src="
Posted by Anonymous - 2 weeks ago

Multiple Questions

1) What's the most natural deodorant out that I can buy at Walmart? 2) I have been struggling with depression, and I would like to not rely on medicine to help me so what are some natural remedies? 3) I want to start eating organic, but we don't have a health food store near me. What stores ...
Posted by cbearjones - 3 weeks ago

Tired and Nauseous

I'm 15 weeks pregnant with #2 and am still tired a lot and on and off nauseous depending on the day. My mom keeps saying "shouldn't that be over by now?!" I'm much more nauseous this pregnancy than I was with my first. Just wondering if this is still normal because as mom's tend to do,...
Posted by Anonymous - 3 weeks ago


My 8 month old baby (EBF) has stomatitis :/ Does anyone know something natural that can help... I already took her to the doctor but am looking for a remedy or any advise from you mommas. Thanks!...
Posted by sonsan - 3 weeks ago