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Uneven sized breasts

My breasts are obviously different sizes. Is there a way to even out the size of your breasts without sitting at the pump everyday? I always nurse at the smaller side first but haven't seen any effects yet. LO prefers the larger one as well which complicated things even more....
Posted by Anonymous - 9 hours ago

How to wean from night feeds?

Hello! My son is 14 months old and is still currently waking up 4-6 times during the night! He sleeps in his own room and own crib since 3 months and I still nurse him to sleep. I nurse in the morning and before bed then of course when he's up duribg the night. My question is: is he not sleeping wel...
Posted by Anonymous - 9 hours ago

Breastfeeding problem

I've been EBF my 4 month old son without any problems but recently have developed a lump in my breast that feels engorged but doesn't get smaller after he eats. This has been happening off and on for a little over a week. I've been to a lactation specialist and she couldn't figure it out as I haven'...
Posted by Anonymous - 22 hours ago

my son eats like a bird

My son just turned 12 months and he's been off formula for about 3 weeks now. Therefore, we've upped his solids intake since he's been off the formula, 3 meals and two snacks a day, with about 12 oz or so of cow's milk/day. It just seems like he eats like a bird, that he doesn't eat much until he's ...
Posted by Kenni321 - 2 days ago

Night wakings for a 12 month old.

My daughter is almost 12 months old and has never been the best sleeper. I still nurse her before bed and during the night as she still wakes up. My question is: is it normal for a 12 month old to still be getting up 3-5 times a night. I don't think she's hungry as she just suckles mostly and its ju...
Posted by Anonymous - 3 days ago

Baby on the floor.

Woke up to my screaming 8 month old not in bed with me but on the tiled floor. I'm guessing she woke up while daddy was getting up and decided she wanted to go with him into the bathroom, and thought momma could sleep a little longer. She's fine, thank the gods. After I frantically rubbed her entire...
Posted by Anonymous - 4 days ago

Walking pneumonia, pregnant

I've been feeling like I've had a cold for two weeks now. I started feeling better last week and only had a dry cough from a tickle in my throat, but otherwise felt pretty normal. However, I woke up today a little short of breath....I couldnt seem to get a deep breath without it making me cough. I a...
Posted by Anonymous - 5 days ago


Hello: I am about 7-8wks pregnant and also moving into a new house. I have been busy all day on my feet and unpacking boxes and now my lower back is killing me. But, I also just went to the restroom and found some blood on my underwear. It wasn't soaked with blood and nothing on the tissue when I wi...
Posted by Anonymous - 6 days ago


Hello, after four children naturally born I find that Kegels, PT, exercising & lelabeads don't help me to get my vagina back in a good shape. I have a mild uterus prolapse, and posterior wall obstruction, I mean it's not comfortable. I can't do certain things I love, like riding horses b...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago


Is it safe to take a probiotic during pregnancy? If so, what are some recommendations for organic/non-gmo brands? TIA....
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago