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Fruit Infused Water

I know juice is not good for babies, can I offer my six month old fruit infused water? He isn't on solids, but while my husband and I eat dinner he joins us at the table in his high chair. We give him an ounce of water in his sippy during dinner, but we are just wondering if we could make it more in...
Posted by Anonymous - 23 hours ago

need advice

I took my 11 month old daughter to the doctor after she had a fever of 101.1. They took a urine sample. I was told then she didn't have an infection but were going to send urine to test again. I received a call today saying that that test came back "very positIve" so they want to start h...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 day ago

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and haven't felt my baby move. Should I be worried?

I went to the doctor two weeks ago and she said everything looked fine, but I'm really really freaked out. Did this happen to anyone else?...
Posted by Anonymous - 2 days ago

Nursing clothes

I am just wondering what other nursing moms wear every day. I have been rotating between the same five tank tops for the past six months of nursing. They are the kind that have the fold up/down snaps and I just wear a zip up sweatshirt or button cardigan over top of it. I like the tanks because you ...
Posted by Anonymous - 3 days ago

Rice cereal alternatives?

Our son is 6 months old and has always been in the top for his height and bottom for his weight. At his last check up he was 97% for height and 19% for weight. Well his doctor wants us to put him on rice cereal to help him gain weight. I don't want to give him empty foods that have no nutritional va...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago

baby blow outs

My Baby is four weeks old today and is EBF, and up until a couple of days ago he would poop several times a day. Now all of a sudden he only poops once every day or every other day - and it is a massive blowout - I mean like a lake of poo in his diaper. Is this normal?? Is it something I am eating o...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago

Can I take Klonopin while pregnant?

Ladies, I need help. I'm currently on a very low dose of Klonopin (.5mg) once a day. I've had varying advice on what to do since I'm 6.5wk pregnant. Some Dr's say there is no evidence of harm to the baby, others say to stop right away. I'm scared because I use this for my anxiety attacks and it help...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago

Breastfeeding and menstration

Just wondering about breastfeeding and the return of menstration. My LO is 9 months old and lately my nipples have been sore which is out of the ordinary also I've been having pelvic pain. I took an over the counter pregnancy test and it is negative. So my only thoughts are maybe its my period? Not ...
Posted by Tonya - 1 week ago

Starting BLW

My husband and I are starting our six month old on BLW, any tips or ideas from other mommas would be appreciated!...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 week ago


I've read conflicting information on whether or not babies need to wear hard soled shoes. Some places say that your child will not develop a proper arch unless you start putting them in hard shoes at 12 months old. Other places say hard shoes create all sorts of problems because they are unnatural a...
Posted by Anonymous - 2 weeks ago