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Son sleeping... A LOT!

My 6 month old has been pretty consistent with his sleeping from the beginning. 2 naps a day usually about an hour and a half and sleeps from about 9-7 waking up once to eat. Well over the past week his naps have gotten longer and longer, and he is staying up later at night than normal but sleeping ...
Posted by Anonymous - 10 hours ago


We are looking for a pediatrician in the St. Louis area, preferably West County, but we are willing to travel up to 30 minutes. Our last pediatrician (we moved) was very BFing friendly, knowledgeable about new research/studies, supportive of our choices, interactive with our son, took plenty of time...
Posted by Eric Wright - 12 hours ago

Infant Carriers for hot weather

Hi Moms and Dads - I am looking for recommendations for an infant carrier that is good in hot weather. Last time my LO was born in January, and I used both the Moby and the Ergo with infant insert. Number 2 is due at the end of May and I am thinking that both might be too hot during the summer mon...
Posted by Hillary Castrop Compton - 12 hours ago

best mutlivitamin for ebf?

Any suggestions on a mutlivitamin for an ebf momma on a budget? The only places near me to shop is a walmart and Im an Amazon prime member. Thanks!!...
Posted by Kaylene Pilgram - 1 day ago

Support for working nursing mom?

My friend just had her baby yesterday and she will be breastfeeding. I got her everything I couldn't live without when I was nursing for her baby shower, so I hope she will have everything she needs ;-) I am and have been a full time mom ever since my daughter was born, so, I'm not quite sure w...
Posted by Jenny Austin Dumas - 1 day ago

Gas Pains

My EBF six month old has had severe gas since birth. We were told "colic, colic, colic" and it would alleviate by now, but it hasn't! It causes restlessness in his sleep, he wakes up screaming inconsolably at night until the gas passes and it interferes with nursing (though his weight has ...
Posted by Serena Wilson - 1 day ago

Stay at home mom

Up until my DD was born last year I have always worked. I was also the bread winner between my husband and I. After my 6 weeks at home ended, I could still not go back to work. I just knew I HAD to stay home with my daughter. The thought of being away from her made me ill, and still does. So I quit ...
Posted by Anonymous - 1 day ago

Time change for my infant

I am getting on a plane tomorrow with my 5mo baby girl. I have been given tons of advice about traveling with a baby but I am curious if anyone has advice about how to help her deal with the time change. There will be a 4 hour time change (going ahead). She isn't really on a schedule, and is a pr...
Posted by Kathryn C. Wheeles - 3 days ago

Retained Placenta

I gave birth to my daughter two years ago at home. After an hour of my placenta not detaching, I was put on a pitocin drip, but that did not work and was taken to the hospital three hours after giving birth. Thankfully, the doctors were able to remove it without surgery. It was a horrible experience...
Posted by Ana Barros Ledo - 3 days ago

garden of life raw prenatal/dha

I am wanting to start taking a prenatal and Dha again. Has anyone tried the garden of life raw prenatal and garden of life dha? What do yall think about it? It has folate and ive heard people talk about it being better them folic acid. Thanks in advance!!...
Posted by Anonymous - 3 days ago