Any advice about my baby getting jealous and tantrums of any bit of attention I give to others? How can I keep her from getting jealous?

I am a first time mama with a 9mo (8mo adj) DD with whom DH and I have been practicing AP principles from day 1. I'm a SAHM (though I run a small homestead farm operation) and DD has hardly ever been apart from me. She nurses on demand, is worn often, bedshares, etc. But lately, she's been exhibiting some new behaviors that concern me. I know separation anxiety can be bad at this age, but she seems to have a REALLY bad case of it, at least I hope that's all it is. She's always loved helping me with farm chores and visiting with the animals, but now she seems jealous of any bit of attention I give to the animals/farm tasks. She fusses, grunts, and screams. Anytime I need to talk on the phone briefly or quickly check fb or email, she instantly loses it and has a tantrum. I have to eat all my meals in the floor while also playing with her (she doesn't do much of solids yet) and even had to sit and eat in the floor/carry her around outside when we went to a restaurant the other day. She needs constant entertainment and my full attention (she is not mobile yet). She protests being in the company of other people (except DH and my mom) and refuses to let my MIL hold her at all. My mom thinks it's because she never learned to self-soothe. I don't agree, but do really hope this is a passing phase. You can't spoil a baby, right? I've known some AP-raised kids who have become very spoiled and really hope I'm not starting any bad habits with her. Advice/reassurance anyone??? Thanks!

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