Any advice for my baby that has lip tie and tongue-tied which makes my supply dip?

I need some uplifting comments and advice on how to get through this... My 3 week old is exclusively breastfed but has both a lip tie and a tongue tie (diagnosed by an LC today) which makes my milk supply dip as he doesn't suckle he drinks purely just the milk from my let downs about every 30-60 minutes. When I talked to my pediatrician about this (who won't clip lip ties or his type of tongue tie since it's posterior) she just said she will check it at our next appointment which is over a week from now and then we will have to wait for insurance to authorize a referral then when ever the specialist has an opening for the procedure.... In the mean time I have to nurse him every 30-60 minutes on demand and pump every 3 hours so I don't loose my milk per the LC's recommendation and the pediatrician's advice was to give him a bottle. I feel overwhelmed and I didn't decide to breastfeed to give him a bottle!! My first was tongue tied and lip tied but his pediatrician just clipped it right then and there the day it was discovered no waiting (she moved across the country two years ago) so I haven't had to deal with this before.... Help?

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