Any encouragement about leaving my baby for work and any tips on how I can get her to take a bottle?

I'm looking for some encouragement. I am 7 weeks pp, and I am going back to work full time in 3 weeks. I am so upset about leaving my daughter, but I can't afford to stay home. I am also in nursing school, hoping to get a better paying night job so I can be home during the day eventually, but that's about 3 years away. I'll be working 40 hours, and school is 12 hours a week. I don't know if I can do it. My family, including my husband, thinks I need to see school through because eventually, I'll have more time with my daughter. I know all working moms go through this. I also hate pumping and my baby hates taking a bottle - we gave her a bottle yesterday, she screamed throughout and screamed for over an hour. Only being nursed calmed her. I use Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles. Any encouragement or tips are so appreciated. Thank you!

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