birth control and breastfeeding

I have 2 questions. 1)I had my DD almost 4 months ago and recently went on the mini pill and have yet to have my period return. I just started the last week on the first pack. I have been feeling irritable and bloated like I would if I had my period. Is it possible to have period symptoms with out actually having my period? 2) Will the pill cause a dip in my supply? I feel like the last couple days DD just isn't satisfied as she should be. Thanks!


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    jl.campbell September 17, 5:25 AM
    I am also on the mini pill and breastfeeding but my post partum period returned right at 8 weeks for me. I was told that the mini pill would more than likely make my cycles wacky at first and I also have period like symptoms on and off throughout the month. I did not notice a dip in my supply but if you feel you do, check with your health care provider to see if there is another option that would work for you!

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