First time mom to a 7.5 month old here, I have 2 questions: 1- My son is nursing extremely quick these days, like 3-5 minutes per side, unless he's "sleep nursing", then it's longer. At times he will get fussy and comes off, and I try to force him back on but he does not want to. This makes me worried that I am not producing enough milk for him. The other day I developed a clogged duct for the first time ever! I wonder if he is not emptying them all the way? I do supplement with formula sometimes if I feel he's had a bad feeding, he has a history of being really small (low weight) and doc recommended we do this. He's very happy and doesn't appear to still be hungry after he eats this quick. It's hard for me to fathom he gets enough when nursing that fast. Is that normal? 2- How often should I be feeding him other food besides milk? Doc told us to do solids once a day until he's 9 months, because solids are just for "practice" and that the milk is what matters until he's a year old. So we do purees once a day. But I see other moms giving their babies this age other little snacky items, like puffs, etc. Should I be feeding him food more than once a day with more variety foods?


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    jl.campbell May 30, 5:21 AM
    Do you have a very fast let down? All of my kiddos, at about that age, only nursed for 5-8 minutes at the most during the day but I have a fast let down so I have always felt that they just are very efficient at getting their milk! We also only did solids once a day at 7 months old. My youngest is 10 months and we are now doing solids at each meal for him!

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