curiosity?? when did everyone start feeling their baby move?

so Monday and Tuesday I thought I felt the baby wiggle a little bit once during each day thinking oh im starting to feel the baby yay! awesome it was the first time I felt that and today nothing so now im thinking maybe it was something else.... im just curious when did most people start to feel their baby move? im 16 weeks ive gained maybe 2 pounds (I had horrible gallbladder problems early in my pregnancy and lost some weight but I just had an ultrasound on the 13th and everything was fine the dr saw the heart and the spine and whatever) but I feel like I should be really feeling something if I remember with my daughter who is 4 (so its been awhile since ive been pregnant) I could really feel stuff around 17 weeks! but this I feel like I am feeling nothing.... and so I just want to take a poll out of curiosity to settle my nerves a bit since this is baby #2.


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