Diaper Rash??? HELP!!

My LO is 5 1/2 months old. This may be irrelevant but about a month ago now he had gotten an upper respiratory infection and thrush. His ped had given us nystatin for the thrush and it seemed to make him have 5 or more poops a day. So when that started I suppose the yeast was coming out down there? He got terribly irritated red diaper Rash and bumps all over his testicles and penis. I have tried all sorts of different things since, the diaper Rash around his bottom is gone but the bumps around penis won't go away for more than a day or 2 at a time.. Coconut oil hasn't helped I do apple cider vinegar in his bath water and that helps some. Any suggestions to try would be appreciated!!!


  • amandaw
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    amandaw June 11, 11:32 PM
    It was probably the 5 poops per day that kicked off the diaper rash, as much as anything! Mine had terrible diaper rashes and the only thing that really helped was Boudreauxs Butte Paste. They have an all natural version, which I haven't tried (I think it is relatively new) but the original TOTALLY helped mine. Good luck!
    Here's a link to the natural version
  • jl.campbell
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    jl.campbell June 16, 5:16 AM
    I second the Bourdreauxs Butt Paste, it is very thick and works great. If the rash won't go away, you may want to check back with your health care provider to make sure it isn't a yeast diaper rash!

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