Do you have any advice on how to address inconsolable crying at night on a 6 month-old baby?

Please Help!* My LO is 6 moths old. The last 4 nights, after I put her to bed, she wakes up 20-30 mins later SCREAMING. She's not a crier, and is usually an angel baby. When I go in to soothe her, she screams harder. If I try and rock/bounce/shh her, it doesn't matter how long, it doesn't work. The only way to calm her is to nurse her. Then she falls back asleep, and it happens all over again for HOURS! I'm exhausted, and losing my mind. My husband says I shouldn't be nursing her, and she should cry it out, but I don't feel I can do it. Otherwise, she's a happy girl all day. Any ideas? suggestions? I'm desperate! TIA!

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