Fear of Labor

I am 32 weeks, and the end of my first pregnancy is nearing. I am starting to every so often get to thinking about labor and how terrified I am, I get to crying and stressing. I try to get in the frame of mind that it will be okay, but im having a hard time preparing myself mentally for labor and having a new baby in my life, which is also quite terrifying. Any suggestions?


  • jl.campbell
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    jl.campbell May 29, 5:09 AM
    ((hugs))!! Do you have any family or friends that have positive birth stories they can share with you? Also, a birthing class may be helpful as well so you are able to visit with other like minded mamas and know what you can expect. I spent a great deal of time reading pregnancy books with my first pregnancy as well and that seemed to ease my mind some. Stay positive, you can do this!! Best wishes!

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