Foot Turns Out

My eight month old has great balance and strong legs and has been pulling himself up on things often since he was seven months old. I have noticed that his right foot always turns outward when he stands or walks while holding our hands, is this something we need to be concerned about? It also seems that he tends to carry his weight on the left. We will mention it to his ped, but I am concerned and curious now. Thank you!


  • jl.campbell
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    jl.campbell May 29, 5:12 AM
    I have noticed this with one of our little guys and I always chalked it up to him getting better balance but if you feel it is noticeably turned every time and he is favoring one leg over the other, check in with your health care provider sooner rather than later so that if they feel it is an issue, it can be addressed to prevent possible delays in gross motor development!

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