Has any other moms experienced with their baby mainly crying and refuses to be held ever since you got an argument with their dad?

I have a 6 month old son.I am pregnant once again.That day I found out I was pregnant again my baby's dad and I got in an argument so I kicked him out, (not just because of that argument, but much more stuff adding up to that) but ever since that day my baby is just such a cry baby with me. He's happy at times, but mainly just cries. He hardly wants me to hold him. If I do hold him to try to put him to sleep he just pushes me away and cries. I don't get it. I am not tense I'm actually happier ever since my baby dad left. I treat my baby really good. I just don't get why he's being like that with me. Has any other moms experience anything like that?? It's kinda hurting my feelings to be honest now. I'm sure he misses his dad living here, but his dad takes him often so I'm not keeping him away from his dad. I'm so confused!

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