How can I keep my baby from wanting to eat and be held constantly?

I really need help! Our 5 week old son has turned into a different baby almost overnight. I know this could al be due to a growth spurt which, hopefully, will pass quickly. All he wants to do is eat and be held. I can't put him down for a second without him waking up! He falls asleep at the breast and the second you move him he's wide eyed and bushy tailed and wants to eat some more! I've tried everything to get him to sleep: putting him in the beco carrier, singing, rocking, music, skin to skin, swaddle, everything! The second he isn't in my arms he's awake! I thought babies sleep more during growth spurts? I'm at a loss and I'm freaking out bc my husband returns to work tomorrow so I'll be alone with a baby and 2 dogs all day for thr first time.

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