How can I make my 3 1/2 month old son drink milk from me?

Please help!!! My husband and I are traveling 960 miles with our 3.5 month old and he's refusing to nurse! He has eaten a total of fifteen minutes in the last 12 hours. He screams bloody murder every time I try. He isn't even acting hungry, he's totally uninterested in my breast. What could be wrong? There's a tiny white spot on his bottom gum in the front but when I touch it I don't feel anything. I get as much gas out of his belly as I can, but he is extremely gassy. A bottle isn't really an option due to latch issues. We still have 700 miles to go. Im also worried about my supply! My right breast (the one he eats from) doesn't respond well to pumping so I can't even pump it! Any advice is appreciated!

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