How do you manage crying in an otherwise healthy baby?

So, I posted this morning about my 4 1/2 month old waking during the night every two hours. He normally sleeps for 5-6 hours. He is EBF, we bed-share, and I'm anti-CIO. I saw the doctor this afternoon to rule out ear infection and any medical issue. He wakes every 2 hours, crying an unusual cry (not normal hungry or wet cry), I nurse him/change him and he winds back down. My doctor said it's probably a behavioral thing and that I should let him CIO and after 30 minutes my baby should go back to sleep on his own. The thought of this hurts my heart. I CANNOT do this. Please, I need suggestions on what to do. I've read "The Baby Sleep Book" by Dr. Sears, I'm currently reading "The Attachment Parenting Book" by Dr. Sears, so that's where I stand. My husband said out of frustration this morning that he is "about 2 seconds away from letting him CIO," and I said hell no. Please, I need suggestions. There has to be a way other than CIO. Can a 4 month old really be "manipulating" us and just crying to get us to hold him? In all of my reading, I've learned they cry out of need. A toddler may be able to cry out of want, but a baby? Any suggestions are appreciated. TIA!!

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