How to talk to my SO about amount of BM for our daughter?

Hello. My SO and I have a 4 month old EBF girl, she is rarely without me but I do pump for storage and have left her a handful of times. My husband always over feeds when I am gone; I will leave out what she needs, plus 2 oz "in case..." Today before I left I made sure he was armed with a binki, ideas of what to do if she fusses, and some info from the interwebs on how babies her age need 1-1.5 oz per hour Mom is gone (so in this case less than four ounces as I would be back in less than two hours. I left him out five ounces, just returned to find out she has eaten TWELVE ounces in the 1.5 hours I was gone!!!! He says "If she cries I am going to feed her" and I'm upset, because when he does this she ends up not sleeping due to tummy ache and HE doesn't ever get up with her... HELP!
Posted by torr07 in Everything Else on February 08, 5:11 PM


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