I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy who was diagnosed to have a Down's syndrome.

birth update Hello ladies. This is the 46 year old mom with a 27,25&16 year old that has written in a few times for advise and words of encouragement during my difficult high risk pregnancy with an update. On 2/15/2014 at 11:58pm we welcomed our little peanut Mason Thomas into the world. The labor and delivery did come with many complications resulting in a c-section but in the end, we have this amazing 8lb 3oz bundle of joy that brought with him a special gift that was not expected but very much accepted. Our little man was diagnosed with Down syndrome but other than the diagnosis, he is perfectly healthy. His holes in his heart closed, he has no murmur, he is beautiful without a doubt and has already stolen the hearts of all those that have met him. I always said that this baby picked me to be his mom, now I know why. We are still in the hospital in the NICU due to at birth he had some circulation issues that have healed on there own, an oxygen issue that fixed itself and now, he just has to get rid of the jaundice and we can take our little Mason home. I know some things about Down's syndrome and plan on reading up and getting prepared for more but, I don't care, it is only a diagnosis, it is not who or what he will become. His father, siblings and I love him to the moon and back. Thanks to who ever helped me in my previous trials, you are all amazing. Here is a picture of our new little man. Hope you enjoy them as much as I cherish them. May God Bless you and yours.

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