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I NEED a break sometimes!

My almost 13 month old is not often left in the care of others outside of myself or my husband. However, our local gym offers a wonderful childcare program while the parents workout which my older son (who is 3) has been going to for 2 years now. They start accepting kids as early as 6 months, so around 8 months, I decided to try and take both kids so I could workout during the day while my husband was at work so we could have more time together in the evenings. Sometimes he does really well and doesn't fuss at all or only cries for about 5 mins, but most of the time, he cries the ENTIRE 45 mins I am working out. I have taken breaks here and there for a week or two at a time thinking maybe he just isn't ready, and I've tried going religiously 3 days a week thinking the more he goes the better he be, but nothing really seems to change. He used to be very clingy and would not let anyone else hold him, but the last 3 months or so, he is getting much more social when we are out in public and will play and interact with friends and even complete strangers (although myself or my husband is always right there with him). Does anyone have any tips or advice on how I can get him over me leaving him at the childcare? He has been going on and off for 5 months now and I can't stand leaving him when he's crying like that!


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    jl.campbell July 23, 5:24 AM
    This sounds very tough and I can completely understand your need for the occasional break! Have you tried sending his favorite lovely with him such as a stuffed animal or blanket? Another option may be a shirt that smells like you. Many little ones go through a phase of separation anxiety at about this age so it may just be a phase as well.....maybe try again in a month or so to see if there are any changes? Best wishes!

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