I think I'm pregnant again...

My first baby isn't even 4 months old and EBF and I think I'm pregnant again... I had a period in August and me and my husband were together one time the middle of September because i thought we would be safe.... But then right after i had all the signs of ovulation... I still haven't had another period and I've been feeling really sick in the mornings and at night like I did with my first. I've taken two tests and both were negative. I guess what I'm wondering is if anyone else has been in this situation and if I can continue breastfeeding my baby if i am pregnant? And how do I make this pregnancy as easy on my body as possible with it being so soon after already being pregnant? If i really am pregnant... I really don't want to wean her or give her a bottle.. I'm feeling really guilty and like I'm a terrible mom for letting this happen... I don't want my first to feel rushed to grow up..


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    Zeresh October 20, 1:25 PM
    Only way to confirm is through a pregnancy test. If you are don't feel guilty, your kids will be like "Irish twins" and they will be very close. Don't worry about continuing to nurse, you can continue to nurse throughout pregnancy and then tandem nurse. Best wishes.

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