Is five months too young to start solids?

My EBF five month old daughter has been showing an interest in what we eat (she sits at the table with us for meals) so this morning while we had breakfast (hot cereal) I gave her a few little bite too.... She kicked her feet, grinned, loved it, and although she spit some back out I know she actually got some into her tummy. She opens her mouth for the spoon and was having a fantastic time! Should I let her start on a bit of solids regularly at this point with EBF as main nutrition, or hold off until she's a bit older?? Five months seems so young, but she sure does like it and I don't want to discourage what would be good eating habits by not allowing her to step into it naturally as she's ready...


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    NaturallyBorn February 12, 10:31 PM
    It is really best for their tummies to wait until 6 months at least. They still have an open gut until then and especially grains can cause issues with their insides that will effect them forever. Babies are often interested in everything around them, putting things in their mouth is a part of development. It does not mean they are ready to digest and use that shoe they grabbed!

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