Is it better to start adding formula once a day or another form of milk for my 7 month old?

My daughter will be 10 months this Sunday. We are still breast feeding. I work full time so I pump every 3 hours when at work. I have always responded great to the pump but the past couple of weeks have been awful. I am only able to bring home 2-4 oz after and 8 hour workday compared to 15-20 I was bringing home. She still drinks about 20 oz total a day 12 oz of that when I am at work. My frozen milk supply is shrinking and probably won't last until she is 12 months. I will continue to nurse and pump after 12 months but is it better to start adding formula once day or another form of milk? She will continue to be primarily nursed and breast milk but I don't think I will be producing enough with the pump to replenish our stock as she is drinking it. Thanks!

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