Labial adhesions

At her four-month check-up, the pediatrician found that my daughter has labial adhesions. He wants to take a wait and see approach, and if things are worse by her next appointment, he'll prescribe an estrogen cream. I don't want it to come down to that, so I'm wondering if there are things I can do to be proactive about this. We're switching her diaper detergent to something milder to hopefully avoid irritation. We're also switching to a milder body wash for her baths. Anything else I can do? Any advice or experience you have with this condition? Thanks!
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    raquel.salazar May 12, 12:46 PM
    I would say one of 2 things, either go with the recommended estrogen cream (it is your best chance of actually seperating it now) or if it is not causing any problems ( like blocking the urethra) just let it be and apply a good all natural cream - has a cream called citrine that has oils in it that will help the skin soften and possibly eventually come apart, it also has a small amount of royal jelly which has naturally occurring hormones that might help. Most children grow out of it by 6 either way. I wouldn't worry to much about it ;) good luck!
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