Latch Problem or normal??


I have a six month old little girl; since she was born, I've had to work really hard to get a good latch. She is gaining weigh well, but to this day I can't "hook her up and go" lol; if I walk, adjust my seated position, or aren't supporting both her AND my breast (this is a two handed job!) she can't nurse! I was hoping by now to have her doing a little more unsupported nursing, as it would be stupendous to have my other hand available... So I took her to the LC and asked them to check her latch and was told "it looks fine, nothing to worry about." They didn't even check in her mouth and acted like I was a bother so I went on my way. Does this sound normal to you other Mommas? If it is, I will keep stopping my day to nurse as I am a firm believer breast is best, but if it sounds like something is going on I'll drive further to another LC and get another opinion? Thanks!

Oh, and what I mean by she can't stay latched is if I'm not supporting both her, and my breast, she just slides off... No matter the position she is in- we've tried them all.


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