My baby is a big baby. How do I know if it's normal and should I be feeding less?

I gave birth to my 3rd son via VBA2C on Dec. 2. He is EBF on demand, no paci. My question is about his weight, I'm worried; he's huge for his age. I've never had a baby so big. He was 9lbs 6oz when he was born and, 21 1/2 in. Right now at 19 weeks he weighs 21lbs & 10.5 oz and is, 26 in long. His head circ. is 17 3/4 in. I checked on the CDC website and, his length is normal. His head is in he 99.7 percentile and, his weight is over the 100th percentile; which worries me. I don't feed him any differently than I fed my other two and, they weren't this big. Should I be worried that he's overweight? Is there something I can do? I do not give him anything other than breastmilk. He is a happy baby and, it doesn't seem like anything is wrong. I just don't want him to have a heart attack or something because he's so fat. He's in 612 month clothing. I haven't brought him to the Dr yet because we literally just got insurance. No judgements, not our fault. Apparently it was due to Obamacare, or so we were told. Has anybody dealt with a huge baby?

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