My son is being extremely destructive lately

Here lately my 13 month old son has hit a destructive, what i hope is a, phase. He throws, beats rips and tears EVERYTHING. He has been throwing things at the pets and people. He has really good aim!! and thinks its funny :(
Ive talked to him, im trying to teach him to touch things (that aren't his or fragile) with one finger.
I want my son to appreciate the things that he has and treat his toys, people and pets with respect and care but im wearing thin on patients. Will this phase pass ??? What did you do with you son or daughter when they started doing this? So far the advise i have received is physical punishment and I REALLY don't want it to come to that. Is 13 months too early for timeouts?


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    jl.campbell July 22, 5:59 AM
    This sounds pretty typical for a toddler as they are learning cause and effect and are learning to test their limits to see what is acceptable and what is not. One thing that we have found that works great with a toddler is re-direction. When something is done that can hurt someone else, we tell our toddler "Gentle touches only" or "Gentle hands only" and touch the item or person gently. We then re-direct them to a different activity to get them interested in something they can do. Consistency really helps as well. I hope this helps!

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