Not sure about having a third child

I have always wanted just two children. My husband would like to have a third. We have two. Shortly after having our second I got rid of all my maternity clothes and have passed down all of the baby clothes up to 6 months to friends. I've enjoyed starting to clear out the baby stuff as our second gets a little older. My husband has really been pushing (kindly) to have a third child. We have two boys and he'd LOVE to try for a little girl. I'm not fully against having a third, however pregnancy and I do not get along, its rough on my body...not something that will put me on bedrest but still rough. Our youngest is 7 months so if we get pregnant in the next few months he and the new baby will only be 16-19 months apart, our two that we have now are 21 months. I like having them close but it seems daunting to me to have 3 all 3 and under. We have just started paying back my student loans and I'm just not sure how we will afford the pregnancy (we have to pay for the prenatal, labor and delivery all prior to the birth). I'm also afraid having that odd kid out, being overwhelmed etc. but definitely know I don't want 4! :) We're in our mid 30 and would need to start on the pregnancy fairly soon (we haven't been preventing every time). Any advice? Stories of having three working out well?


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    kristy.morrissey June 16, 2:08 PM
    We just had our 3rd child about 6 weeks ago. We have 2 boys (4 1/2 and 2 1/2, 19 months apart). I was ok with 2, my husband was more for 3 than I was. Well, we added a little girl to our family and they just love their sister. I'll be honest. It's been hard on me transistioning to 3. Life is so busy. It's just now starting to get "easier". But my struggle to settle in with 3 mostly had to do with nursing problems with my little girl, it just demanded so much time. We're over that now and life is easier but it's just organized chaos. Some days are so hard and other days aren't so bad. It can certainly be overwhelming with a newborn, but we made it through as a family. And having 3 close in age sure is a lot of work, but it's also so cool. Our boys are the best of friends. And I feel together they are the big brothers :-) Listen to your heart and know that if it's what you want, you can do just about anything.

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