My midwife told me that 97% of women have prolapsed after childbirth - even after cesarean. So I'm wondering how many or y'all do..... Maybe it's just not ever talked about but it sucks.


  • kristine
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    kristine March 28, 11:58 AM
    97%? Really? That seems really high but I'm no expert. Does she mean that they have prolapse, but don't actually realize it? After my second, I felt pressure down there, like my insides were about to fall out! But eventually the sensation went away by itself, probably as things shrunk back to normal size. I suspect light exercise would also help to support the abdomen area.

    Would be interested to hear if other moms think 97% is an accurate stat...
  • PamT
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    PamT March 31, 5:40 PM
    97% seems off. I've had six, including a set of twins and have no prolapse. None of my close mom friends have either.

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