recycling a car seat?

We have an expired car seat and I know that we can't use it anymore but it doesn't seem right to just throw it in the trash. Does anyone know if there is somewhere to recycle car seats?


  • NaturallyBorn
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    NaturallyBorn February 01, 9:34 PM
    Unfortunately, Good Will and Salvation Army and the like will generally NOT accept donations of car seats or any baby safety gear, for that matter. The concern is that the item may have been damaged somewhere along the way, and may have compromised the strength of the product.

    And yes, it seems a shame to throw it away! Babies R Us has a yearly trade in program, but I have no idea if they recycle for the materials, or put it in the trash... But hey, at the very least, you can get a discount towards other stuff!
  • angiee.ramirez
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    angiee.ramirez February 02, 10:30 PM
    Im a first time mom :) . So I never knew carseats had an exasperation date to them . Which car seats the one that goes to to a stroller or the car seat that's just for the car & your able to rear face it as well?? If both were can I look for the expiration date at on both of them ?? Thanks :) Btw If your wondering the car seat I have that I recived at my baby shower Is from Wal-Mart I believe Its the minnie mouse set .
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