Hello... I am 21 weeks pregnant and I may have done something dumb. My glider arrived so I was helping my husband move it thinking it was lighter than it was. After lifting it several feet and then up a couple stairs I told him I needed to stop it was too heavy. My back is now cramping up and I am having some lower abdominal and pelvic cramps. My stomach tightened up for a minute too but it hasn't happened since. I never feel the baby too strongly yet but I am resting now and feel a couple light kicks here and there. The abdomen and pelvic pain isn't too bad maybe like a 3 out of 10 but my back pain is like a 7 or 8. I am concerned I could have ruptured my placenta and all these worries are no crossing my mind. I am not sure if I should wait it out and if I see blood go to the ER or if I should do something now even though my symptoms are mild...


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