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Hello Mommas! I have to return to work soon (makes me want to cry). My LO will be 5 1/2 months when I return to work. We have been EBF. We have had some challenges with her taking a bottle. I just read that some babies take a sippy cup around 6 months. Has anyone had success with this? What brand is good for the LO? Thought I might give it a try after talking to my ode about it. TIA.


  • jl.campbell
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    jl.campbell June 16, 5:14 AM
    My little guy refused to take a bottle so we introduced the sippy cup at 6 months and he did great. We used a soft spout cup, I believe it is made by "Munchkin". The hard spout ones are a little harder for him to get anything out of. The soft spout was much easier but also leaks more!

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