sippy cups??? and introducing water, coconut or almond milk...

I am just starting my EBF 6 mo old on solids... we do mainly baby led weaning methods, with a little bit of spoon feeding purees. I'm curious when to introduce a cup and what kind is best.. I did a little researching on brands and I'm thinking I want to go with Tommee Tippee. I read that they are super easy to keep clean and great for natural oral development... can anyone confirm that for me? Is there any benefit or reason to use or not use the kind with handles? I'm thinking about skipping straight to the water bottle type and helping my LO until he gets used to it. Just trying to save some money by not needing to buy more later. Thoughts?
Can anyone point me to research about when to start giving baby water, coconut milk or almond milk?


  • jl.campbell
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    jl.campbell May 01, 5:16 AM
    We introduced a sippy cup when we introduced solids so that our little guy could get used to it right away. We have not used the Tommie Tippie but after several trial and errors with other sippy cups, we turned to a sippy cup with handles and no leak plug in it so that our little one could get used to the fact that water does come out of the cup. When he gets older and realizes he needs to suck to get the water out of the cup, we will use the plug again!
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    PamT May 01, 11:40 AM
    Like Jackie, I used a cup with handles early on, with a sippy lid with no valve. Once they could handle a cup without handles I went to a regular cup. . .no lid. I don't like the idea of kids wandering around all day drinking. So, in our family we have a water dispenser in the kitchen, with cups nearby, even the 3 and 4 year olds can pour their own water and drink in the kitchen. My kids learn to handle glass cups early (by 2) and drink just fine out of them at meals. We have had exactly zero of them break at mealtimes, so no worries! As for other liquids, I start with water in a sippy at mealtimes. I serve only water until baby weans, then move to cow's milk for us. . .but whatever milk your family drinks. However, we mostly drink water!
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