Hello: I am about 7-8wks pregnant and also moving into a new house. I have been busy all day on my feet and unpacking boxes and now my lower back is killing me. But, I also just went to the restroom and found some blood on my underwear. It wasn't soaked with blood and nothing on the tissue when I wiped but I haven't had any bleeding thus far. Any cramping I am having is very very mild next to none and are cramps I have felt before during my pregnancy. I am looking for similar stories, advice and some calming and reassuring. I did call the after hours nurse and she didn't seem too concerned about it, she said to just rest. Ugh I'm a little worried!


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    Zeresh October 20, 1:10 PM
    It is common to have some mild spotting and cramping. Take it easy, relax, drink lots of water, eat healthy and if you are concerned see your midwife or OB.

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