Upper abdominal pain

I am 19 wks pregnant and am experiencing strong and very uncomfortable upper abdominal pain, causing moderate to severe pain in my right shoulder and burning pain in my chest. I called the nurse Oncall and she said to take Tylenol and if it doesn't go away to go to the ER. My husband is out getting me Tylenol (it's 2:30 am) and I regret asking the nurse more questions. Any one experience this to give me some insight as to what this might be? How concerned should I be... And how long do I need to give the Tylenol to know if it's not working and to head to the ER? I was kind of expecting to hear it's gas or something but she said that I need to immediately take Tylenol and go to the ER if it doesn't help so I am feeling a little scared and uncertain...


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