What are the hypoallergenic formulas and where do I find them? How do I get rid of my baby's rash and ease her discomfort asap?

My lo is about to be 5 wks on Monday. She is mainly breastfed, but often comfort nurses and my supply just doesn't meet her demand when she ends up needing to eat before bed... so I supplement with formula. At first I used similac supplementation which seemed ok but caused some of her stools to be a little mucousy. I then tried enfamil supplementation which she seems to love, but did notice a few tiny bumps on her forehead and cheek. Thought that it was probably just a heat rash, since we live in arizona. I put some breast milk on the bumps & they shrunk. However, I noticed she was increasingly getting more gassy & straining more to pass gas & stools. Her pediatrician recommended trying enfanil gentlease. Hadn't seen a change, but yesterday she got more formula feedings since my mother was watching her and my pumped supply of bm is very minimal... well I came home and the tiny bumps are covering her entire back, should, arm, earlobe and back on her cheek. So im quite certain she's allergic to these milk based formulas. However, reading through a lot of articles it seems as though most babies that are allergic to cow's milk are also allergic to soy milk. What are the hypoallergenic formulas? Where do I find them? How do I get rid of this rash and ease her discomfort asap? I can't stand my lo being uncomfortable! TIA!

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