What natural remedy is there for diaper rash? And when should I take my baby to the doctor for diaper rash?

ok so my 12wk old baby girl had a redish tush monday andi used powder with aloe and it seemed to help but then monday night when i got home it was worse like few red blotchy patches. i got baby bee burts bee diaper ointment and let her soak a while in warm water and let her air out for a few hours. didnt get better or worse but now today i came home from work and its like open sores! she was home with her daddy so not like she wasent being changed. same diapers same formula and i havent eaten anything unordinary bc i bf when im home from work. but what do i do what can i use to help her. should i bring her to the doctors can they do anything? any natural remedies? first time mom completly lost and i know it has to hurt her and it really hurting me knowing she dosent feel good!!!!

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