What was your baby's milk intake from 10 months on and what was your pumping schedule from this age on?

For mamas that worked or do work, what's was your baby's BF intake from 10 months on? I want to continue nursing until age 2 and I want to make sure I do not reduce the amount of times I pump at work too soon. My baby is almost 11 months and I currently pump 3 times a day and get about 12-14oz total. Baby only eats about 8-10oz tops while I'm gone (8am-4pm). She nurses plenty at night and on weekends. I would like to start pumping 2 times a day when she turns 1 bc my job requires me to be in meetings quite often and I do not always know when I will have the opportunity. What are your thoughts? What was your pumping schedule from this age on? Thanks!:)

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