Why is there a strong odor coming from my used, but clean cloth diapers, even on my hands?

For all my CLOTH DIAPERING mammas out there. I need help. We recently moved to another state and because the trip was going to take several days I bought some disposable diapers. I over bought so I went on to finish them. They lasted a month. About four days ago I went back to my cloth and they just stink. Every time I change my baby it has a VERY STRONG urine smell. They were washed the same way I always did before I packed them. We use Charley's soap. Anywho, would it be that I got used to the smell of disposable or is there something wrong with his pee (it's always quite transparent) or my diapers ? We use trifolds and covers. Also, even after washing my hands with soap after changing him my hands keep the odor ... I must confess I have had the sinful thought of buying more disposables ...PLEASE HELP ME. Could it be that he is now a month and a half older (5 months now) and his pee is stronger ??? I need some guidance please !

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