A NaturallyBorn Round Up: Toddler Snack Ideas

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We asked, you answered! We asked this question on our Facebook page: "What are your favorite toddler snack ideas?". Our awesome fans jumped right in and shared their favorites!

Lacy H. shared: "Frozen yogurt drops I make them with plain yogurt( greek is best). Mix in a little homemade jam or fruit puree.. pipe them in little dots onto parchment and freeze. "

Heather G. said: "My toddler is happily enjoying roasted red pepper hummus I made (easy!) and crackers. He also likes raisins, veggies chips, berries, apples. They like to DIP. Yogurt, hummus, peanut butter, etc. Makes snack time more fun! "

Diana W. chimed in with: "crackers with a VERY thin layer of almond butter, gold fish crackers, or bananas. my almost 18 month old LOVES bananas and can hold her own banana and eat it, while under supervision of course! my LO also totally digs Mum Mum's which are rice rusks. "

Sunny shared a treat that made me hungry: "Almond butter and sliced strawberries rolled up in a tortilla. "

Elise W. has picky eaters: "I've just made smoothie pops for my 11 MO. He also likes banana, cheese, rice, crackers. I'm always looking for good suggestions. I feel like I always give him the same things and my 4 Y.O is picky too. "

Joni said: "Mini muffin tins! Cashews, craisens, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, cherry tomatoes, cukes, DIP! "

And Laura said : "Pretzel chips,applesauce,raw veggies,fruits,crackers,marshmallows,raisins"

The consensus is that little ones love to dip their foods (and in my experience, the falvors do not need to match.) It is also important to remember that snacks are mini-meals, not dessert, so good nutrition at snack time is important.

Here are some great resources for perking up your toddler menus:

One of my favorite tips that I used for feeding all of my kids came from Dr. Sears. He recommends a nibble tray. I used ice cube trays to put small amounts of kid friendly foods in each section. Now there are all kinds of cool bento-style boxes that work great for this too. . .but a plain ice cube tray will work and is cheap! I loaded mine up with chopped ahrd cooked egg, cut up grapes, carrot shreds, apple slices, cooked beans, bread cubes and dip! I kept the nibble tray where my kids could access it. They picked at it throughout the day and ate a much more balanced diet because of it!

Dips are a great addition to a toddler diet. They add some necessary fats, and they make food more fun to eat. get creative. My kids all loved dipping pretzels in nut butters, they like hummus (though I don't!), ranch dressing (here is a great recipe from Wellness Mama), and yogurt makes a great dip for fruit.

So, chime in! What are your favorite toddler snack ideas! (feel free to link to recipes or Pinterest boards!) Leave a comment!
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