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When I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn't believe my luck: not only did I miraculously escape morning sickness, but I had this AMAZING hair! Now, I had never had great hair, much less AMAZING hair. But my hair was better looking than ever.  

Better still, I was getting more of it. At first, I couldn't figure out why that little baby hair was growing along my hairline. The were funny, but they and their friends on the rest of my head were boosting the hair I already had, giving my thin, fine hair way more volume than normal. Admittedly, this wasn't saying much. But I was glad for it. 

And I wasn't alone. Most pregnant women report that their hair is better -- or at least different -- during pregnancy.  Usually, women gush that their hair gets thicker, shinier, and stronger during pregnancy. 

Great hair during pregnancy is the result of hormones kicking into high gear to support pregnancy. Those same hormones are also responsible for stronger, faster-growing nails and more radiant skin.  In other words, when people talk about the "pregnancy glow", their talking about a hormone rush.  Of course, the prenatal vitamins and all that healthy eating you are hopefully doing during pregnancy don't hurt either.

But alas, what the pregnancy hormones giveth, postpartum taketh away...