I was recently coaxed by a friend into trying the hair product line from Innersense Organic Beauty

Spoiler alert: I was so impressed with the products that I was inspired to write my first-ever product review (you're reading it). I even asked them to consider doing a giveaway for our mamas and piloting our sponsor program (at no cost to them  -- NaturallyBorn received NO compensation for this review of the sponsorship).  Happily, they did.

Now, I am not the type of person to get excited about hair care products.  I have fine, thin, straight hair on a good day. No matter what I used -- fancy stuff, cheap stuff laden with toxins, or supposedly natural stuff -- my hair remained, well, flaccid. (That's such a funny word. Let's say that again.  Flaccid.)

So why my excitement?  Because these products made even my thin, fine, flaccid hair come to life.  Maybe it is just a coincidence, but since using their products for the last 4 months, my hair has been growing like crazy. I even have new hair sprouting out, which is great since I lost a lot of hair after my last pregnancy. (See our related post on tips for preventing hair loss in postpartum.)

The best part? It's as natural a hair care product as I've ever come across...