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Facebook is great, but NaturallyBorn.net is better! We'd love to see more activity on the website and this is why:

  • You can get to know your fellow moms better, here on the website we have the chance to build a real community with messaging, groups, and profiles with as much detail as you want to share
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_posted-to-facebook.pngQuestions and Answers posted on NaturallyBorn.net stay off of your Facebook "stalker" feed. You are free to be you! That means your mother-in-law will find out that you are pregnant when YOU are ready to tell her!  
  • Questions get posted to both our website and our Facebook page (but again, they won't appear on your friends' Facebook feeds. Questions that originate on our site will not include your name when posted to Facebook and will only be shown to fans of our page.)  That means more exposure for you question.
  • You can choose to ask questions anonymously or with your identity. (Hint: you get more points when you ask as yourself.  Read below about our giveaways!)
  • Questions get posted instantly. No more waiting on us to repost the question for you. 
  • Questions can be searched by keyword. You can also "follow" your question and get email notifications when you have new answers. No need to scroll down a Facebook page looking for the question you asked to have re-posted!
  • NaturallyBorn.net also has a wealth of other information: Blog posts, provider directories and reviews, and a library of birth stories!
  • NaturallyBorn.net is also the ideal place to get real-mom advice from NaturallyBorn Founders, Amy and Pam! It is where we like to hang out!

We know that dipping your toes in the water can be a scary thing, so we're going to make it fun!

b2ap3_thumbnail_advice-heros.pngOur prize closet is bursting. We have some cool Beco carriers, some books, a Stokke carrier and some gift cards to give away. All NaturallyBorn.net members who are active on the site will be eligible for weekly random prizes.

The more questions you ask, and the more quality answers you provide (fellow members can upvote helpful answers so the best advice rises right to the top!), the better your chances of being rewarded.

Are you ready? Jump in!

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