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It took longer than a normal-term pregnancy and was just as painful to push out, but FINALLY, the new NaturallyBorn site is ready to go!

Seriously: we have put blood, sweat and yes, even tears (can anyone say, "hackers"?) into this redesign. And, this is beginning: new features will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months.

Here are a few of the improvements we have made:
  • A HUGE archive of questions-and-answers asked here on our Facebook. We weren't able to archive all of them -- you all have asked thousands upon thousand of questions :-) -- but we have about 2,000 questions categorized and tagged so far, with more to come.
  • Don't want to wait for us to repost your question? Don't want to risk having friends/family see your question? Ask it instantly by posting it on our site! The question will be posted there, AND piped back here to our Facebook page. You can still post your question completely anonymously, but either way, your name will NOT be posted to Facebook.
  • Our baby pro directory is better and bigger than ever. Find doulas, midwives, lactation pros, and more. We have also opened the directory to NEW providers such as holistic pediatricians, pediatric sleep consultants, and chiropractors.
And here are some of the things you can do right away to get involved:
We're tired and need some rest now -- it has been a long haul! But look for more announcements in the coming weeks.

And please, tell us what you think!  We LOVE to hear your suggestions and feedback.

With warmth and gratitude for being part of our community!

Amy, Pam, and the NaturallyBorn team of volunteers
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