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Long-time members of our community will remember that I am a huge fan of the Save the Children charity. The organization does amazing things for kids at home and around the world, from building schools, to parent education, to clean water initiatives, you name it.

Of special interest to our community, of course, is their work in maternal support, including midwifery training. In many around the world (even here in rural North America), the nearest doctor or hospital might be a 4+ hour drive away... and that's if you have car. By training midwives in local communities, Save the Children is helping to save the lives of innumerable moms and babies.

So, to celebrate the launch of our brand-spanking-new website, we're running another "Write a Review, Save the Children" fundraising campaign!

For every review posted on our site, we will donate $1 to Save the Children, up to $500!

So PLEASE SHARE, TWEET, AND LIKE this post and this link: http://naturallyborn.net/childbirth-and-baby-pros/review-your-baby-pro

Writing a review only takes a few minutes. Whether your review is positive or negative, expecting moms will thank you!

Finally, to make things even easier, we created an app on our Facebook page. Click the red "Reviews 4 Good" tab.

I have personally been a sponsor for many years, and I'm thrilled that among the many other joys our community brings to my life, it also provides me a way to share my enthusiasm for Save the Children. If you have a little to give, please check them out and consider making a direct donation of your own:  www.savethechildren.org/makeadifference

But in the meantime, write your own review, and ask your naturally-minded friends to do the same!

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