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Daniella Silver

When my now three-year-old son started teething (around 8 months old) we were hit with the “teething frenzy” which consisted of fevers, drooling, fussiness, colic and sleepless nights. I tried everything to calm him and soothe his gums. I felt like I was driving to Whole Foods every other night, looking for a new remedy to try.

I had never heard of amber teething necklaces and no one that I knew had tried them.

Now, less than two-and-a-half years later, many of my friend’s children are wearing them and they are “all the rage”.

I started to look into the research behind baltic amber teething necklaces when my daughter was born, 6 months ago. I learned that what made these necklaces effective was that the amber contains succinic acid, which, when warmed against the skin, releases an all natural analgesic (pain relief) which can help to ease teething pains, colic, gas and other ailments.

I was curious (and a little skeptical) about what all the hype was about. Two months ago my daughter started to drool a lot, was getting really fussy and irritable and was constantly putting her hands and objects in her mouth. I did not want a repeat of my son’s experience so I bought her a 100% baltic amber teething necklace and I quickly saw her irritability and drooling subside.