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Amy Waud

A lot of people have wondered: why did we do a post coming out on the side of vaccines? Why now? Why ever, when this is such a hot topic? And what do the other moderators think? And why did we only reference one source?

Well, here it goes.

Amy Waud

Selected Links Regarding Vaccinations

We jumped into the vaccination debate with our eyes wide open, fully-aware that we would lose many members when we addressed this untouchable subject. We did so because we this issue is simply too important to ignore. We could not, in good conscience, remain silent on the topic any longer. You can read Pam's positions on vaccines here, and Amy's follow-up post on the anti-vaccine debate here.

To support the discussion, and because so many moms have asked for it, below is a list of links related to the pro-vaccine side of the debate.