Tips for a successful labor and delivery (CHALLENGE AND BOOK REVIEW)


Recently, we were asked to take a look at POP: 50 Amazing Secrets to a Successful Labor & Delivery or C-section, by Pamela Peery. We happily obliged, because who doesn't love a good secret?

And, we thought it would be fun to do our own, NaturallyBorn take on this theme. Our mamas are so prolific and generous with their advice that we thought we'd challenge our mamas as follows:

What is the ONE piece of advice, or the juiciest "secret" you could share, about childbirth?

Tell us below in the comments for a chance to win a copy of POP! Even if you are not pregnant now, it makes a great gift for an expecting mom in your life.

I'll even kick things off. See the first comment associated with this post. :-)

Here's a bit more about the book itself...

We love the idea behind POP. Most pregnancy books are entirely too long. Not POP. This book gets straight to the point by providing practical advice, accompanied by personal experiences of other moms. First-time moms, who are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of birth advice out there, will appreciate the concise format of this little book. It's an exceptionally easy read, and would make a great reference when building your birth plan and packing your hospital/birth center bag.

Because of our focus on natural parenting, a couple of chapters gave us pause. For example, anyone planning on a natural birth will want to skip over the "Epidural" chapter and go straight to the "Natural Childbirth" chapter. There, you'll find Tip #39, which is particularly near and dear to our hearts: "DON’T BE AFRAID—YOUR BODY IS MADE TO GIVE BIRTH WITHOUT DRUGS."

We also hesitated momentarily over the "C-section" mention in the subtitle of the book, but quickly came to our senses: even the best laid birth plans should have a "what if" clause in the event a C-section is necessary. (I'm a prime example. My first child was delivered via an emergency C-section, which was probably more traumatic than it had to be because I was so utterly unprepared for even the possibility of having a C-section. But that's a story for another day.)

Our only quibble is the subtitle of the book. We think "tips" would have been more appropriate than "amazing secrets", as we were a bit disappointed that the so-called secrets weren't nearly as juicy or amazing as we'd hoped. But take that with a grain of salt: we talk about pregnancy and childbirth all day long here at NaturallyBorn, so there isn't much that can shock or surprise us anymore!

First-time moms may, indeed, find advice in POP that they don't find elsewhere. But even if the advice itself isn't novel, it is certainly more accessible thanks to the unique, short format. While POP certainly isn't, and doesn't profess to be, a complete guide to childbirth, it's a nice complement to a pregnancy library.

Ready to win your free copy? In the comments below, share the ONE piece of advice thing you wish you had known, or wish someone had told you, before you went into labor!

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  • Amy Waud May 27

    No one told me that milk coming in would hurt so bad, that my boobs would feel like they were being poked with a thousand needles and I would -- at the same time -- have awful menstrual-like cramps at the same time. Yes, I now understand that I didn't read that part of whatever pregnancy book I was reading, but damn, those books are so long! It's easy to miss stuff.

  • Pam T May 28

    I did not know that I would be quite so afraid to poop after having my first baby. It takes a bit for things to get back to normal down there, so eat plenty of fruit, drink water etc, anything to get things going smoothly! (I swear that this is where my coffee addiction originated!)

  • Pamela Peery June 11

    Hi - I am the author of POP. Thank you for your review. Your criticism is entirely appropriate. I myself struggled with naming this book for almost 2 years, and probably went through 2 dozen names before settling on the one I chose.

    I decided on "secrets" because tips seemed... well.... boring. And while not all the tips are "amazing" - some are really really good - which borders on amazing - right? And I think on the whole the book is amazing. It's the book I wished I'd had. So there's a little hyperbole going on. Can't fault me that.

    BTW - anyone who sends me a pregnancy picture, a funny or insightful quote, and their name and the place they live will get a FREE pdf of the book. Please send it to I'll be pinning it to my pinterest board:

    Thanks again for the review. The chapter on C-sections was included for just the reason you cite. Many women have unplanned c-sections. They should be marginally prepared.

    - Pamela Peery, author of "POP 50 amazing secrets to a successful labor & delivery or c-section." See my website at

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