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When I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn't believe my luck: not only did I miraculously escape morning sickness, but I had this AMAZING hair! Now, I had never had great hair, much less AMAZING hair. But my hair was better looking than ever.  

Better still, I was getting more of it. At first, I couldn't figure out why that little baby hair was growing along my hairline. The were funny, but they and their friends on the rest of my head were boosting the hair I already had, giving my thin, fine hair way more volume than normal. Admittedly, this wasn't saying much. But I was glad for it. 

And I wasn't alone. Most pregnant women report that their hair is better -- or at least different -- during pregnancy.  Usually, women gush that their hair gets thicker, shinier, and stronger during pregnancy. 

Great hair during pregnancy is the result of hormones kicking into high gear to support pregnancy. Those same hormones are also responsible for stronger, faster-growing nails and more radiant skin.  In other words, when people talk about the "pregnancy glow", their talking about a hormone rush.  Of course, the prenatal vitamins and all that healthy eating you are hopefully doing during pregnancy don't hurt either.

But alas, what the pregnancy hormones giveth, postpartum taketh away...

As the flood of hormones slows in postpartum, then recedes to normal once you stop breastfeeding, that hair literally sheds.  The scalp becomes dry, the hair more brittle, and hair simply falls out.  

It's completely discouraging.  You're (probably) still carrying the baby weight, you're exhausted, you're frumpy from wearing sweats all day... and now you're losing your hair! 

And just to add insult to injury: there's a good chance your hair won't be the same when it does grow back. It might be wiry, thinner, thicker, or just different.

Now, we can't completely stop postpartum hair loss, but we can slow it.  Read here for some tips on how to prevent hair loss after pregnancy.  

How did your hair change during pregnancy?  Did you lose your hair after baby, or only after you stopped breastfeeding?  If so, just HOW BAD was it?  Is there anything you did to prevent hair loss after baby, or encourage hair growth? 

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  • Kimberly Stanfield January 14

    My hair stayed the same while I was extra body or shine :( however, postpartum, I have lost more hair than normal. I wasn't one of the "lucky" mama's when it came to my hair, but it's all worth it regardless :)

  • Mash Cusumano January 14

    My hari was overall dry ... at the beginning ... but full .. oh my so full I looked like a lion. Loved it ... it is NOW 4 1/2 months postpartum that I am SUFFERING with all the hair loss I didn't loose during pregnancy ... I even thing I can see some bald spots .. :( Not only does it fall but I get all theses split ends I have to constantly trim it ... every three weeks so obviously it is not growing at all .... Feeling so ugly and not like myself ...
    I would get pregnant in a heart beat just to stop the hair loss but ... I am more rational than that :P

  • Andrea Elizabeth January 14

    My hair didn't change much -- well, with the exception of getting much shorter as soon as LO learned to GRAB! ;) My hair dresser "warned me" about hair loss though, and I'm still not in the clear, so to speak. I may have some hair loss when BF declines...

  • Inessa Petersen January 14

    I am 35 weeks pregnant and since about 14 weeks have had a fine layer of frizz over my entire head. I started using anti frizz stuff for the first time in my life! It was hard to find a product that was chemical free and actually worked!

  • Audrey Bird January 14

    Im pregnant right now lol! And with my first my hair looked great, and then afterwards i had no issues with it falling out. My second though. UGH! so dry, so brittle, all through my pregnancy, i ended up cutting it to shoulder length. Thats how damaged it was (from below my boobs) it still hasnt recovered. My hair has never been drier. Im still nursing that ione, she is now almost two! and pregnant again. My color (i have a really pretty auburn color that has different layers of color-naturally) has gotten a bit better again- it was so dull before- but the dead ends, splitting and breakage is just as bad as ever. im trying to grow it out again but all ive managed in two and a half years is to the top of my boobs. because i keep having to get so much dead splittage trimmed off. its so frustrating!

  • Evelyn Chuter January 14

    I have naturally thin and stringy hair. I hate it! During my pregnancies my hair was actually beautiful, so thick and full and soft. My dream come true but only temporary. My hair is worst now that am in my 50's. It gets thinner by the day it seems. I can't find anything that works on my hair. I just pull it back in a pony tail or sometimes I cut it short. What I would give to have thick full hair again.

  • Amy Waud January 14

    Fell out by the HANDFUL. It was disturbing. I was totally unprepared for that! Then, when it did grow back, I had all these wee little fuzzies that stuck STRAIGHT out of my head. I would spray a bit of hair spray in my hands, then pat them down.

    Luckily, it grew back about that same. Took a while, though, unit it would lie flat! :D

  • Shawna Barttelt January 14

    My hair grows like crazy while pregnant and feels very healthy... then about 8 weeks pp falls out SO bad I feel like I might go bald and the ends get horribly dry. I have to wack several inches off to get it feeling nice again.

  • Casey Marie Brown January 14

    I didn't lose hair pp until I had my first haircut and now it falls out a bunch! No bald spots though, thank goodness!

  • Kandace Wren January 15

    I certainly agree that pregnancy hormones have a way of filling in any dullness or lack of hair. I know my hair was thicker and shinier and definitely less dry than normal! It wears easier to manage with products etc too

  • Rachel Konyak January 15

    I experienced amazing hair growth and still haven't lost all of it. My LO is 8 months but it's slowly starting to fall out.

  • Brittany Barna January 15

    Each pregnancy brings me shine and volume to my hair like I've never experienced when not with-child. It's the only time I feel sexy in terms of my hair. But shortly after birth when I'm still in-between clothes, have loose sagging skin on my tummy and am exhausted, I also get to experience losing enough hair to adorn 10-or-so dolls with lustrous locks, every day. There's nothing like have to sweep the floor and clean out your brush after every time you do your hair. Not to mention in those first postpartum months when it's thinner and unruly it doesn't look like much of anything no matter what I do to it so it ends up pulled back into a thin little ponytail. And you know wearing a ponytail and stretchy pants really makes you feel like a beautiful new mom. :/ Not.

  • Kimberlyn Utter January 15

    I've had a problem with my hair shedding as long as I can remember! But when I was pregnant, I didn't shed at all! My hair was shiny and had SO much volume. After I gave birth, the shedding got worse than before! I still have pretty good volume (thanks to having thick hair) but it's just not the same! My hair was definitely one of my favorite things about being pregnant (besides the baby of course!). But now I'm so busy with baby I don't pay much attention to my hair honestly. It has definitely suffered!

  • Bailey Rosenthaler January 15

    When I am pregnant my hair is amazing! Shiny, thick, soft... But the second I have that baby my hair falls out in clumps.... For months!

  • Hannah Elrod January 15

    Ive lost so much hair after my 2nd pregnancy!! I'm 22 weeks into my third and it's just now starting to stay in my head! :(

  • Malinda Kristine January 15

    My hair is normally thick & full & grows quickly but... During both pregnancies it was even more full, shiny, thick & grew so fast. The loss was smaller then normal. But 3 mo postpartum of both babies, I lost so much hair. Thankfully it grew in quickly so the bald spots were only there for a few weeks. But most of the hair grew back grey :( At least the hair is back. :)

  • Erika Delaney January 15

    My hair is naturally curly long and medium/thick. During pregnancy it grows quickly and gets thicker. But after baby, I deal with horrible hair loss which brings my hair line back so much that I can't pull my hair back into a pony tail or bun because it looks like I have a receding hair line. It takes my hair almost all year after having the baby to recover. I've had three children and this happened after all 3. So now I'm pregnant with baby number four, and I guess we'll see if this happens again with the post-partum hair loss. I've heard it's related to an over-active thyroid after giving birth and that there are supplements that I can take to help prevent it. I'm currently looking into that to be prepared this time around.

  • Kristal Kelley January 15

    My hair didn't change much during pregnancy but I was always sad when I hit 4 months postpartum and it started falling out everywhere!

  • Stevi Anglin January 15

    I have really thick hair so lose some anyway, but for 4 or 5 months I lost a ton! I am 13 months pp and hair has grown over 6 inches since gave birth so now it's long and thick and love it ;)

  • Kelsey Mackley January 15

    Yes! My hairwas great during pregnancy! Not until stopped nursing was when it started falling out! 2 years later

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