VIDEO: The Story of Cosmestics

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Ok, so what's REALLY in your makeup? What toxins are you putting on your scalp -- which is, by the way, one of the most porous areas of your largest organ, your skin -- every time you wash or style your hair?

To get to the bottom of what chemicals are in cosmetics, we've invited Greg Starkman, founder of Innersense Organic Beauty, to educate us about toxins and chemicals that go into our cosmetics and hair care products. (We love their  products -- you can see Amy's review here.)

In the meantime, here is a brief "hello" from founders Greg and Joanne Starkman, plus a video to get you thinking about toxins in cosmetics (yikes).

Both Joanne and I are thrilled and honored by the support of Amy and Pam. It was the birth of our daughter Morgan that lead us on our mission to create Innersense and more importantly, to introduce pure, organic and toxin-free products to the market.

In the coming days, we will be posting a series of blogs to educate you through the maze of misinformation and confusion related to chemicals in haircare. Are sulfate shampoos really sulfate-free? What are the hidden chemicals that you should really be looking out for and avoiding? Did you know that most shampoos and conditioners contain plastics and resins?

Today we leave you with a short video filmed in 2010 called "The Story of Cosmetics." We love this video because it throughly explains the problem of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and identifies market & policy solutions we must enact to ensure that products are safe for everyone. We can get there with your help! Spread the word!

Yours in health and beauty,

Greg and Joanne

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