Sometimes in life, no amount of planning can prepare you for the road ahead. In order to get pregnant this last time, there was a very careful dance and a lot of planning.

This was my second surrogacy journey and my intended parents hadn’t had any luck even getting eggs fertilized. 

This time though they had a new surrogate and a new egg donor and we were both determined to do whatever it took. 

The plan worked wonderfully and I was pregnant!

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I had planned a home water birth with the baby’s mother catching her son, aided by my beautiful midwife and coached by my husband. 

Fourteen days before my due date I was having some hard contractions.  I went home, rested and re-hydrated, and was feeling great by the next morning. 

I ordered my birth kit the following day, including the pool, and was given a delivery date of four days later. I wasn’t worried in the least seeing as my previous pregnancy went four days overdue. 

That night I drifted off to sleep thinking of the little guy who was using my bladder as a soccer ball and how happy his parents were going to be when they flew into town the next week.

I woke up at 2 am and had to use the restroom which was nothing new for me.  I made it two steps away from the bed when my water broke. 

I grabbed my phone and went into the bathroom to check the time and call my midwife to give her the heads up. She told me to call when I started having contractions and I told her I would. 

I called the baby’s parents and them know what was going on, and Mom said she’d get on a plane ASAP.  I went back to bed and hoped to get a little sleep before the big event…but I just couldn’t get comfortable. 

Instead of bothering my husband by tossing and turning, I decided to go out to my computer and play games until the contractions started. 

I played for two hours before I realized I was having some contractions. I went to call my midwife and as soon as I stood up I had a contraction. 

I breathed through it and when it subsided, I walked the 14 steps to my bedroom…and had another contraction. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

My husband must have just known because he was up in a flash and on the phone before I could walk the extra three steps to the bed. I started to sit down and realized I had to go to the bathroom. 

Hubby was grabbing towels, sheets and things to prepare the bed, just as he had been taught, all the while he was on two cell phones making calls to midwives and parents telling them what was happening.

I made it into the bathroom (eight agonizing steps!) and had another contraction. As soon as I went to sit down my husband yelled at me. 

He told me to get out of there because “that’s a birthing position!!” So I left the bathroom and managed to make to the edge of the bed before I had another contraction. 

I laid down and my husband had my midwife on speaker phone. He was talking to her explaining what was going on during contractions and between contractions I was telling her that the little guy was moving and we were doing great. 

Finally, I turned and told my husband that the little guy was “prairie dogging” (poking his head out, then back in, and out again). He laughed and told my midwife, who started preparing him in case he had to deliver the baby himself.

I know my midwife broke the speed limit because she made the 1 1/2 hour trip in 48 minutes. As she walked in the front door, the little guy decided enough was enough and I couldn’t hold him in any longer. 

She walked into my bedroom in enough time to guide his shoulders out and cut the cord.

I wish I could say what happened after that from my own memory. Sadly I can’t. I started bleeding heavily. My midwives gave me two shots of Pitocin which didn’t work. I was then given a pill to basically shut it down fast.

The one thing I do remember vividly is my midwife holding my feet up as I lay on the floor of my bathroom and I was talking. 

I don’t remember about what, but I remember hearing my grandfather, who past several years before, tell me to just keep talking because “Heaven isn’t ready for an angel like you yet.”

I was so honored to be able to hand that 8lbs. 6oz. little boy back to his mother. 

As I kissed that little guy on the forehead that afternoon before his mother left to head back to her state, I knew that no matter how bad I felt that little guy was home in his mother’s arms…right where he always belonged.