If you have been around our NaturallyBorn website for long, you will notice that our readers often use abbreviations. This makes things easy for readers who are on phones and mobile devices, but it can be super confusing for our readers who are new to NaturallyBorn.

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Here is an incomplete list of common NaturallyBorn Abbreviations. Please feel free to add your own to the comments and I will update!

  • DH– Dear Husband
  • DP– Dear Partner
  • DS– Dear Son
  • DD– Dear Daughter
  • LO– Little One
  • TTC– Trying to Concieve
  • EBF– Exclusively Breast Fed
  • FF– Formula Fed
  • CIO– Cry It Out (we do NOT advocate this!)
  • AP– Attachement Parent
  • EDD–Estimated Due Date
  • PP– Post Partum
  • BLW– Baby Led Weaning
  • HB– Home Birth
  • UAC– Unassisted Childbirth
  • VBAC– Vaginal Birth After C-Section
  • HBAC– Home Birth after C-section
  • FAM– Fertility Awareness Method
  • NFP– Natural Family Planning
  • AF– Aunt Flo, or menstrual period

Do you have any abbreviations to add? Drop me a comment and I’ll add them to the list!